Maybe you have just purchased your first Kayak or upgraded to a new one. Maybe you want to take your skills to the next level, learn to roll, learn to navigate or simply become a safer more proficient Kayaker. We specialise in Bespoke training opportunities to enable people to achieve their goals / dreams on the water. We hold an array of technical outdoor qualifications which will ensure you enjoy a quality learning experience with expert feedback. Feel free to get in contact and discuss your next Kayak training experience with us.

Sea Kayaking Tours in the Kinsale area. 

Sea Kayak Multi day trips & Expeditions

If you ask what our favourite aspect of Sea Kayaking is, well Camping & Expeditioning is the answer! We have amassed a vast array of experience & skills over the years and specialise in group management over multiday trips and expeditions. We can design a trip for you or regularly contract ourselves to other tour companies to guide for them. The allure of living from a sea kayak, cooking outdoors and resting in a tent in some of Irelands prime Sea Kayaking locations is simply hard to beat. We have an expert bank of knowledge of how to work with our sometimes temperament weather conditions and to get the most from your time here. Please get in touch if you'd like some expert advice on your next Sea Kayak Holiday here in Ireland. 


There's nothing quite like playing in the surf for honing a lot of your technical skills as well as being exhilarating and quite a lot of fun!!!  If you would like some Coaching / Instruction of staying safe in the surf and learning to ride waves for the first time in a kayak then please do get in touch. 

Rock Gardening is another method to progress those skills that may not be used in the surf zone and can be just as exciting and no swell necessary to get started!



Come and join me on an exciting range of half & full day tours in a variety of locations near Kinsale, Co.Cork, Ireland. It boasts some of the finest Sea Kayaking in Europe. Kinsale Harbour tours, Sandycove Island and the famous Old Head Of Kinsale offer brilliant Sea Kayaking with lots of stunning coastal scenery, maritime history, wildlfe and memory making adventures. Prices start from €50 per person for a half day 3 hour tour where we will kayak along the Wild Atlantic Way and includes all equipment and an expert Guide. We also cater for group bookings on these tours. 

Safety & Skills Training

Surf Kayaking / Rock GARDENING